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Volunteer Application - Click here for the online volunteer application or download our PDF file

Become an important person in the life of one of our youth by committing to spend one-on-one time cultivating a supportive relationship that has the potential to become a life-long attachment.

An ability to commit to weekly contact with mentee. A commitment to consistently model positive life choices. Must interview for mentorship, supply references, attend all training sessions, and pass a background check.
Time Commitment
Training - Six, 1 hour training sessions, followed by contact with Jeremiah's Promise once a month to discuss mentor-mentee activities and answer pertinent questions 1 hour (or more) per week. Potential life-long commitment

College-Based Workshop Facilitator
Facilitate an interactive, two hour workshop to former foster youth at a community college as part of our College Workshop team. Topics needed at this time include those on 1) Friendship 101: What is Healthy and What is Not; 2) Language, Dress, and Attitude in the Workplace; 3) Video Resumes; 4) How to Break Free from Toxic Relationships; 5) Dangers of People Pleasing; 6) Dangers of Isolation and Mistrust; 7) What Do Healthy Boundaries Look Like; 8) Walk Me through Positive Dating & Communication. Feel free to suggest additional topics for consideration.

Knowledge of subject being presented; Ability to engage students 18 years old and up; Ability to involve students in discussion, role plays, break-out groups, etc. Mastery of PowerPoint or Keynote, and Knowledge of supportive media, film clips, etc. Hands-on approach and sense of humor a plus
Time Commitment
2 hours per workshops scheduled on a monthly basis and 2 hours once or twice a month in team prep meeting

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