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Jeremiah's Promise offerse transformative, cloud-based coaching through The Next Step. The 10 no-cost courses, lasting 21 days each, are specific to the needs of transition-age foster youth or anyone with painful past. For further impact, JP guides emerging adults in Silicon Valley through college workshops and one-to-one sessions where students are challenged, encouraged and equipped for a confident adulthood that incorporates their unique dreams and passions into a workable life plan.

About The Next Step, Cloud-Based Coaching, Experience:

* "With each task every day, I was able to learn and gain something new about myself." - SM

* "I liked the feedback (to daily isoBlogs that JP posted confidentially to individuals) and also the weekly calls (that were part of the Vision challenge)." - BW

* "I enjoyed talking/writing about my feelings. I realized that foster youth have gone through a lot and that we are very strong." - BR

* "Honestly, the best thing i liked about the (Vision) isoBlogs was that I was able to acknowledge my dream and pledge to achieve it. And i hope you make the Day 20 video longer. I didn't want it to end! It got me!" - MB

* "I think the hands-on projects were helpful. We should do more! (The Vision isoBlogs)gave me quotes, ideas and visions that helped me connect to my dreams and get more comfortable with myself." - KS

* "Thank you...I truly appreciate your advice and how you've supported me through this course. I have really enjoyed it so far and am certainly learning more about myself and desires I have for my future career and overall life!" - SM

* "I enjoyed the quote, "Turning Heartache into Triumph". I really liked that JP allowed me to explore and find out a little bit about myself. I hope that I can learn to appreciate myself more. I have already have beaten the odds, so now I just have to continue my journey, which involves finding myself and pursing my dreams." - BR

* "I liked the movies that were inspirational. I also liked the way (the Vision isoBlog) encouraged me to really do what I want instead of what other people want." -SA

* "I liked that the (Vision) isoBlog asked for me to write down my goals and also asked that I think about my goals and dreams every day." -MS

* "I liked the message of the Butterfly Circus video (in Turning Heartache into Triumph). I liked what the ringleader said, 'The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.' I say that to myself all the time now. It gives me hope." - SL

* "The videos helped. They each had a message that was good. And I liked the questions and quotes that followed the videos. This isoBlog made me think of my strengths, which I'm not used to doing. I can name my weaknesses easily, but I never stop to think about my strengths." Over all? "The subjects are real. I was able to relate to a lot of the situations, so that was awesome." - CM

* "I liked how the tasks started out simple and built upon each other. (The steps) give you time to reflect upon your past and present and allow you to plan for your future. I like how (the isoBlog) acknowledges that problems occur and that life isn't always easy." - AT

* "I liked 'telling' my deepest thoughts to a computer. There is no expression from a computer, and that helped me vent and share my experiences and problems without fear of what someone would think." The movies "had important teaching messages. I look for that now when I'm watching movies." Over all? "I'm most proud of the fact that I had more potential than I realized." - SE

* "We can sometimes get in our own way with excuses. We need to develop the habits now to do the things that we want down the road. Instead of just reading the book (Your Right Job Right Now) and having it be an idealistic theory, the training puts the theory into practice. Thank you for helping me align my dreams with reality!!! - AF

* "I have more confidence in speaking up" (after completing Worthy of Respect). It helped me build my support group and increased my confidence." - SL

* "These quotes (from a step in Blind Spots, Baggage & Behavior) remind me of how life is and that the pain I had to deal with is healing." - SL

Students Comment on the College-Site Workshops:

* "Thank you so much for a great year of friendship, laughter, happiness, life lessons, knowledge, and most of all, your generosity. I enjoyed coming to these workshops and getting to learn something new every time, as well as, having the pleasure to get to know you as a great, educated people. It was really helpful, and, hopefully, I can see you all during the Summer and Fall. You all rock!" - MO

* "I like how (the facilitator) gives her background and has a calming voice. She makes everyone comfortable and is an amazing teacher." - CM

* "Friends at JP, I am glad to have been a part of the program in Spring '13. For making an impact in students lives, including my own, you have my gratitude and respect. The workshops already have lent me tremendous insight. - Highest Regards, R.G."

* "I only had to come to three (summer) sessions, but I came to all six because every time I was there, the topic was on the very issue that I was dealing with that week." - JD

* "I am so thankful for all of the support and kindness you and the rest of the JP team have provided me." - SB




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