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At this time we are recruiting volunteers to assist with our College and Leadership Series workshops and our Online Mentoring tool. 

Requirements for College and Leadership Series:  must complete our mentoring application, pass a background test and provide references. 
Roles for recruitment:  

  • Describe your career path, challenges and inspiration to college-age youth who have spent at least a portion of their lives in the foster care system
  • Provide mentoring to youth as you each get to know each other
  • Videographers needed to video workshops, video resumes for attachment to online job postings
  • Hair dressers and make up artists to assist with grooming and preparation for video resumes
  • Crews for set up and take down of materials used during workshops
  • Powerpoint projector set up for Mac presentations involving movie clips during workshop
  • Emotionally mature men and women who will be present at the workshops and available to talk to youth who need a listening ear, a word of encouragement or guidance with college issues or life matters. 
  • Each workshop is planned for once a month and 2 hours in length with 15 minutes set up and take down.

Thank you for interest and response!

Contact us at

If you are interested in Mentoring, please complete the online application under the Online Application tab. You may also print out the application and submit it to:
Jeremiah’s Promise, Inc.,
P.O. Box 1393, Palo Alto, CA 94302-1393.

For questions, send your emails to




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